Its a Small World – Snow White Runs into Pinocchio in Anaheim

Taking the family on a vacation to Disneyland is an annual tradition for some and a rare treat for others. While it is nice to stay onsite at one of the resort and theme park’s many excellent hotels, it is also not always within everyone’s budget. A great alternative is to stay at a more moderately priced hotel like the Anaheim Express Inn Maingate that is just outside of Mickey’s home but still within easy walking distance of the “Happiest Place in the World.”

When you stay at our Anaheim Express Inn Maingate, you will not have to pay for parking and you can enjoy a free continental breakfast before you venture out to enjoy the rides and other attractions.

There’s a “Main Street” in practically every city across the United States but none is quite like the one found in Anaheim, California. When you enter Disneyland and walk down the most well known Main Street in America, you will be transported back to a replica of Uncle Walt’s hometown street of the 1920s.

                           Source/Photo: Enchanted Tiki Room  – Adventureland at Disneyland

Horse drawn carriages a penny arcade and quaint shops line the main entrance to the original Disney theme park. Get yourself oriented and prepare yourself for a full day of fun and adventure.

Speaking of adventure, you can enter Adventureland which is located immediately to the left as you reach the end of Main Street. The theme park is arranged in a circular grid with different lands and attractions encircling a large, central body of water. Take a trip aboard the special jungle transport vehicle as Indiana Jones leads you on a thrilling adventure through thick forests and rugged terrain in a search for the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

After you recover from the experience, you can check out some of the other attractions like the Jungle Cruise or the Enchanted Tiki Room and then head on over to New Orleans where the kids will beg you to go on the very popular Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The day goes by very fast so hustle up and continue exploring in Frontierland.

Frontierland is an authentic recreation of the old Wild West. Test your skills as a marksman by hitting the targets with your laser focused rifle in the shooting gallery. If you like roller coasters, strap yourself in to the open-air train that takes you on a speeding journey around Thunder Mountain. If time permits, relax for a while by cruising around on a paddle wheel steamboat – the Mark Twain Riverboat ride.

After grabbing some lunch, there is still plenty more to see and experience. Meet Winnie the Pooh in Critter Country, say hello to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Fantasyland and explore the great unknown as you are blasted out of the earth’s atmosphere in your space coaster on Space Mountain.

Those are just a few fun things to keep you busy. If you are still in Disneyland after dark, there is a great fireworks show called “Dreams Come True.” There really is not enough time to see everything in one day. If you can, take at least two and maybe three days to really see all that Disneyland has to offer.



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