Come to Anaheim for Family Fun or a Romantic Getaway

Originally founded by 50 German families in the 1850’s the city of Anaheim economy was based on industrial pursuits such as producing airplane parts, electronics and canned fruit. While best known for the collection of Disney Theme Parks there are plenty of additional activities that will delight couples and families.

Romantic Getaways

Crescent Bay Park and Beach – Visit this tranquil park filled with natural beauty well secluded behind an upscale neighborhood. The magnificent surroundings of the park which crosses a sandy beach to meet crystal blue water provides a spectacular vista ideal for just relaxing together. You may have the chance to see some of the areas native inhabitants including a variety of sea birds, sea lions and even a few majestic whales as they migrate south.

Anaheim White House Restaurant – This Northern Italian Restaurant is considered the premier dining establishment in Anaheim as well as for miles around. Twelve beautiful dining rooms, some private, can be found in this former turn of the Century National historic landmark, were kept much as they had been with photos used to restore furnishings and decorations in order to maintain the appearance of a private estate in in 1909. There isn’t a more romantic restaurant anywhere in all of southern California.

Cirque du Soleil – Now through September 2, 2012 Iris: A Journey through the World of Cinema, a show which smoothly integrates live performance and film footage. The story follows a young couple who wind their way through an amazing landscape filled with excitement calling to life different film techniques and styles from black and white silent films to modern day color films with special effects. This unequaled spectacle is filled with bright costumes, unequaled acrobatics, projections, and dance with live music. Follow a private dinner at one of the area’s intimate bistros with this breathtaking fantasy to create the perfect romantic evening for two.

The Gondola Getaway – Enjoy the romance of a gondola ride for two through the waterways near the Belmont Shore Resort. While trips can be scheduled from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, take an enchanting sunset cruise through the quaint surroundings with only the gondolier for company, as the sky fills with shades of pastel.

Family Activities

Although most families who come to Anaheim spend most of their trip at Disneyland and its associated parks, try to leave some time for other great family activities and attractions that are available in the city.

Flight deck Air Combat Center – This is the newest attraction in southern California and has been extremely popular with children and families. This unique venture will make you feel like a real combat pilot as you operate their various flight simulators. Carry out air maneuvers or combat action in their military jet simulators. Classroom training provided to ensure you have the best experience possible. This attraction is equally exciting for parents as for children.

Adventure City – This reasonably priced amusement park for younger children is even great for toddlers. Ideal for when you want to avoid the crowds, long lines and high prices of neighboring theme parks.

Universal Studios – Take the Studio Tour and see how movies are made behind the scenes. There are a number of action rides, attractions and shows that make you feel like you’re part of some of the most famous movies ever made.

Pump It Up – If you parents need a rest but your kids are still full of energy, take them to Pump It Up, an arena sized are filled with all types of inflatable shapes, slides, houses, obstacle courses, and all meant for chaotic bouncing. The Anaheim location also includes a gigantic climbing wall. Relax and chat with other parents while your kids run wild and bounce themselves silly in a safe, clean environment.

The key to enjoying either a romantic getaway or family vacation is to find lodgings central to the main attractions you intend to visit. There are so many things to do in Anaheim however, that you can always change your itinerary on a whim. There’s no lack of opportunities in Anaheim to bond as a couple or family while having the time of your life.


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