2013 Guide to Anaheim California Crafts and Hobbies

Introduction to Crafts and Hobbies

Why Having a Hobby is Good for You

There are lots of reasons why having a hobby can be good for you. Hobbies encourage relaxation and help provide a way to blow off stress but they are also intellectually stimulating. People who have a hobby tend to enjoy life more and maintain better brain function as they age. Anyone can find a hobby that suits their own personality and desires as there are many different options available.

Is Crafting for Everyone?

Some people think of crafting as something other people do, either because they feel that they are not talented enough or because they feel the activities involved are not things they would like to do. However, the truth is that crafting is a type of hobby and hobbies can be for anyone. Everything from knitting and sewing to fixing old cars qualifies as a hobby and chances are good that anybody can find something they like to do.

Crafting and Hobbies for Different Demographics

Crafting for Kids

Kids are naturally creative and it usually isn’t hard to convince them to express their crafty side. Popular activities such as drawing and painting can be expanded to include seasonal themes such as making clothespin turkeys for Thanksgiving or paper flowers to celebrate the beginning of spring. More complex projects such as felting ornaments for the winter holidays can successfully be undertaken by older children.

Crafting for Christmas

Christmas is a time when people are encouraged to care about each other and one of the best ways to do this is to provide handmade presents. Even if they are a little less technically perfect than the ones bought at the store most handmade presents are treasured far beyond their value. Christmas lends a wealth of opportunities for the crafty person including making or decorating ornaments, candles and window scenes as well as creating presents. The possibilities for presents are endless, ranging from knitting or sewing clothing to providing a hobby service such as fixing a car or building a piece of furniture.

Crafting for Birthdays

All sorts of fun craft items can be favors or interactive toys during birthday parties. However, children can also be involved in the crafting process and creating certain simple yet fun items can provide entertainment for party participants. Unique options include perfume bars where children can choose which floral scents to add provided base or magnets that kids can decorate themselves and take home after the party is over.

Crafting for Weddings

Wedding are expensive and one way to reduce the cost is to craft some of the details yourself. However, even people who want simple weddings or have plenty of money often enjoy being part of the creative process that goes into a wedding. There are plenty of things that can be hand-crafted for a wedding ranging from the floral arrangements to the decorations in the area where the wedding will be held. Silk flowers for the bride’s hair, shawls or scarves for the bridesmaids and much more can be made by a crafty person.

Hobbies for Kids

Hobbies are just as good for kids as they are for adults. Children may require some encouragement to stick with a hobby since they have shorter attention spans than adults but they should not be forced into a hobby that they don’t enjoy. Parents can nurture their children’s interest in a hobby by providing essential tools or equipment that is required and by offering an interested ear when the child speaks about their choice. A very traditional hobby that is still enjoyed by kids all over is making model airplanes or cars.

Hobbies for Retired Adults

Retired adults tend to have a fair amount of time on their hands. It is all too easy to get bored without a job to attend to and hobbies are a great way to keep the mind and body active. Retired adults enjoy all sorts of benefits from hobbies including maintaining social ties, keeping their minds sharp and learning new skills related to the hobby. Anything from fishing to fixing old electronics to knitting can be a hobby and retired people have the luxury of having time to figure out what their preferred hobby might be.

A Hobby for All: Gardening

Anyone from the smallest children to the elderly can enjoy gardening. Having a big yard with places to plant is not required as there are plenty of kits for growing herbs and flowers on windowsills or patios as well. Gardening is also a hobby that adapts well to various levels of skill since people who enjoy a challenge can cultivate a picky plant while those who merely want to see pretty flowers can choose a hardier specimen. Gardening offers a chance for people to eat the fruits of their labors as well which can be exciting and interesting for those who have never grown food before.

Hobbies for Disabled People

People who are disabled have a variety of different issues. However, there is a hobby for nearly everyone, regardless of ability. People who have difficulty making small movements with their hands might appreciate a hobby such as reading, listening to books on tape, dictating electronic letters to penpals or perhaps playing in a sports league for disabled athletes.

Hobby Stores Near Anaheim


Michael’s is the craft store where almost anything can be found. They are cheaper than specialty yarn shops but have better selections than many other general crafting stores. A wide selection of fake flowers can be found at Michael’s which are perfect for a variety of decorating situations. Specialty baking supplies such as cake molds and kits can be found at Michael’s for better prices than are available at fancy baking shops as well. Equipment for hobbies such as leather-working can also be found among the numerous craft supplies.


This hobby shop sells Gundam model kits as their main business and offers a few other items as well. Prices are well below those which can be found in other parts of southern California which is important because the hobby itself tends to be a bit expensive. Fans of Gunpla will love this place but there is an appeal for other types of customers as well. Basic modeling supplies such as paints, primers, stands, tools and other equipment are also available and the shop runs a sideline repairing and jailbreaking iPhones. Friendly and knowledgeable staff make it a pleasure to do business here.

Milepost 38

Milepost 38 is a model train store for child and adult train enthusiasts alike. It offers general modeling equipment as well as a variety of train kits and parts. There is a large children’s section that heavily features famous train Thomas the Tank Engine as well as books on Thomas and other trains that encourage reading in kids. Adults will love the different models in various gauges as well as accessories, books, magazines and other train- and model-related materials.

Orange County Sports Cards

Collecting sports cards is a hobby that many kids and adults have participated in over the years. Orange County Sports Cards in Anaheim is a great place to look for sports cards and sports memorabilia. Regular signings allow sports enthusiasts to bring their own cards to be signed by the greats and good prices allow them to purchase previosly-signed cards as well. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable and have regular events for customers to participate in.

Events Near Anaheim

Craft & Hobby Association Winter Convention & Trade Show 2013

Taking place from the 11th through the 15th of January 2013, this craft and hobby trade show has everything a hobbiest could possibly need. Exhibitors of all kinds will have booths set up to showcase their wares and there will be workshops and seminars on a number of topics in various craft and hobby fields. Meet other people who enjoy the same hobbies and crafts and further your skills by taking a workshop or participating in a seminar.

The 2013 Fred Hall Shows

For the fishing enthusiast the Fred Hall Shows are the places to be in March 2013. Taking place in Long Beach from March 6th to 10th and San Diego from March 21st to 24th, these shows are the only consumer shows that donate 100 percent of their proceeds to protecting the hobby of recreational fishing. A full selection of hobby equipment from fish hooks to boats will be available for sale at the shows. take a look of our Extreme Saltwater Fishing video here!

Anaheim Accommodations

Anaheim Express Inn Maingate

Located conveniently within walking distance of Disneyland and near the Anaheim Convention Center, the Anaheim Express Inn Maingate offers competitive rates for people coming to town for any reason. The inn has a hydro-massage Jacuzzi and offers a complimentary continental breakfast to guests as well as many other amenities. It is the perfect place to stay whenever you come to Anaheim.


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