Anaheim Tourism: An Outlook for 2013

Known best as the home of Disneyland, Anaheim, California, has been a popular tourist destination for years. However, while Disneyland may have a reputation for being the happiest place on Earth, there is a lot more to Anaheim than Mickey Mouse. In fact, visitors to Anaheim are discovering new aspects of this thriving city. This means that a trip to Anaheim can be a comprehensive experience filled with fun, adventure and relaxation for the entire family.

Tourism - Anaheim - 2013

Since Disneyland is such a popular vacation destination, many people may have traveled to Anaheim at some point in their lives. However, even for those who think they have exhausted the recreational options in Anaheim, recent growth warrants a second look at this southern California city. The city has changed substantially in recent years, continually evolving to better support the community and to offer new and innovative attractions to tourists. Anaheim is so popular that the tourism industry is actually growing despite economic restraints around the world. In 2011, visitor spending skyrocketed by 4.6 percent. This means that tourism brought in over $7.7 billion in 2011 alone. This accounts for an impressive 17.4 million tourists. Although the numbers are still being tallied for 2012, all indications suggest that 2013 will be the best year yet for Anaheim tourism.

These numbers are staggering. Clearly, with so many people visiting Anaheim each year, there are plenty of things to do. However, for first time visitors or those who have not been to Anaheim in recent years, it may be difficult to know what to do on an Anaheim vacation. Just consider this list of fun to do while staying in Anaheim and start planning the perfect 2013 vacation today.

What you should do if you come to Anaheim:

1. A sporting proposition.

When it comes to sports, most people think of the Anaheim Angels. However, for different things to do, be sure to remember the Anaheim Ducks. The Anaheim Ducks are part of the National Hockey League. The team was established in 1993 and plays its games in the Honda Center. During the team’s history, the Ducks have made the playoffs eight times, even winning the Stanley Cup in 2007. This established success makes the Ducks fun to watch for hockey fans of all ages. Games are played throughout the week with evening and weekend options available for fans. The 2012-2013 season is already underway and runs through April. In 2013, the Ducks have a particularly busy home schedule in January and March.

2. Surf’s up.

Southern California is well regarded for its beaches. Anaheim may not have the same reputation as cities like San Diego or La Jolla, but there are still some terrific beaches near Anaheim. When it comes to surfing, some of the most popular beaches include Huntington Beach Pier and Trestles. Many of these beaches feature surfing all year, and there are even numerous contests and competitions held throughout the year, which are perfect for surfers and spectators alike. For a more private experience, San Onofre is a great beach to try. Obviously, with so many choices, finding something fun to do in the water is easy in Anaheim.

Surfing Huntington Beach Pier - Trestles 2013

3. The sky is the limit.

While Anaheim has many standard attractions, there are also a growing number of unconventional recreational options. When thinking about what to do in Anaheim in 2013, be sure to put Sky Zone Anaheim Indoor Trampoline Park on the list. Sky Zone offers guests the unique chance to expand some energy and play together with multiple indoor trampolines. Sky Zone caters to people of all ages, offering an exhilarating experience of fun, physical activity. As an added bonus, Sky Zone has daytime specials, and guests can even plan a birthday party or special event at Sky Zone in 2013.

4. Shop ’til you drop.

Anaheim has always had plenty of opportunities for retail therapy. However, when thinking about things to do on an Anaheim trip in 2013, consider putting the Anaheim Garden Walk ( on the agenda. This hot spot is popular with locals and tourists alike, offering the best in dining, eating and entertainment. To set itself apart, the Anaheim Garden Walk features upscale shopping with some of the hippest stores in the world. Current shops include Red Apparel, O’Neill and Fresh Produce. Most of the time, stores at the Garden Walk open at 11. For a complete day of fun, there are even theaters, bowling alleys and more.

5. Comfort food.

With so many things to do in Anaheim, tourists are going to need a chance to recharge their batteries. Thankfully, Anaheim has some exciting restaurants to consider. For the best in Italian, Baci di Firenze Trattoria is a perfect choice. Rosine’s Mediterranean Cafe offers unique Greek dishes. For more family friendly dining, the Plaza Inn is a must visit with its convenient location near Disneyland. Other well-regarded choices include Roy’s Restaurant, the Little Red Wagon and the exclusive Club 33.

6. Nightcaps.

With so much fun to do during the day, it may be easy to neglect the night. To finish off a day in Anaheim, stop by the House of Blues for a relaxing beer and ever-changing musical guests. Plus, the House of Blues also has an excellent menu for a little late night snacking. For a bit more upscale action, the Heat Ultra Lounge is a scintillating spot. This quintessential lounge features live music and dancing, giving it an upbeat ambiance that makes for the perfect ending to a perfect day in Anaheim.

Ultimately, this list is just the beginning. Anaheim is flush with growth, continually developing new attractions and refining familiar favorites. All this activity gives the city an air of excitement, and guests will never have to wonder what to do for long. For first time visitors or returning tourists, Anaheim still has plenty to offer in 2013. From sports to shopping to eating and beyond, this is the year to plan a trip to Anaheim. Therefore, do not delay and book your 2013 vacation in sunny Anaheim, California, today.

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