Disney Blogs: Discovering the Magic Online

Blogs to consider when planning a Disneyland vacation

In the modern era, information is power. Thanks to the Internet, people have access to endless facts and figures on virtually every topic imaginable. However, with so much information available at a single click, it can be hard to know what information matters the most. This is why more and more people are leaning toward blogs to help make their decisions in life, especially when it comes to traveling. After all, facts about a destination only go so far. Most people want to hear opinions to help inform their decisions. This growing reliance on opinion is why blogs have rapidly become one of the most popular means of gleaning information from the Internet.

New Blogs to read for Disneyland Anaheim 2013
Fortunately, there are ample blogs to read when searching for your Disneyland vacation. Because Disneyland is such a popular worldwide attraction, there are a number of relevant blogs to help travelers make informed decisions regarding a trip to the happiest place on Earth. To get started, consider a few of these tried and true favorites.

1. The Disney Food Blog:

While most people are drawn to Disneyland for the rides, this blog reminds people that the food can be just as magical. The Disney Food Blog features in-depth reviews of restaurants and eateries in Disneyland, offering information about the decor, food, prices and more. There are also posts regarding special events and key foods to look for during a trip to Disneyland. The site also displays detailed pictures of the dishes, whetting the appetite with every post.

2. My Disney Blog:

This blog is written by Disney Dean and highlights various events and newsworthy information regarding the magical kingdom. This includes articles with tips on saving money, overviews of upcoming special events and even links to other Disney-related resources. The site also features articles with information about movies and upcoming releases, making this the perfect one-stop blog for all Disney-oriented news. This blog is a great read even when not actively planning a vacation to Disneyland. Posts from Disney Dean seem to be at least once a month but may be more frequent depending on the amount of news to report.

3. The Disneyland Traveler Blog:

This is another blog that features general Disneyland news, but it aims to be more to the point in its approach. The topics vary, highlighting rides, restaurants and recent news. The pictures and overall layout are not much to brag about, but the straightforward style is perfect for people trying to decide when to visit Disneyland and what to look for when they arrive. Perhaps the most helpful parts of the blog are the A to Z posts, which take the time to provide a closer look at individual rides and attractions. Written by a former sports journalist, this blog offers all the facts with a somewhat objective bent that is steeped in a true fascination with all things Disney.

4. The CanaDisney Blog:

Disneyland may be located in Anaheim, California, but it is a destination with worldwide appeal. Therefore, it is no surprise that blogs from other countries may be geared toward Disney. The CanaDisney Blog aims to provide a Canadian perspective on all things Disney. In general, this blog works on disseminating useful information, providing planning guides and tips on Disney parks around the world. A current posting series includes a step by step planning process of an actual Disney trip, giving readers unique insights to help plan their own vacation. While the unique perspective is to be appreciated, some readers may want to be aware that most of the information regarding the park is received second-hand since the bloggers are not near the park on a regular basis.

5. Mouse Planet:

This streamlined blog is part of a larger Disney online community. The blog features posts by different authors, which gives a wider perspective. The drawback is that there is a less coherent voice, which makes the blog somewhat less personal. However, for all news, it is hard to beat Mouse Planet. Many of the posts are short, informational bits, detailing even the lesser known details of the park. This includes posts about rides, upgrades, programs and even related book releases. In this way, Mouse Planet tends to give readers a bigger picture, which can be a great way to keep in touch with the park for an upcoming trip.

These blogs represent some of the best selections when it comes to Disneyland. By following a blog, it is possible to not only be informed about the park, but it is possible to make better decisions based on the experiences of other people. This way, planning a trip can be about more than facts and be about real life experiences. After all, these blogs do not just report the magic, but help create some of their own.

Best Disneyland Blogs to Explore



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