A Natural Choice: The 2013 Natural Products Expo West

Even with all the scientific advancements, sometimes nature still does it best. This is why so many people are turning to natural alternatives for daily products. With consumers flocking to natural products with fewer artificial ingredients, it is all manufacturers and retailers can do to keep up with the shifting demand. To help navigate this ever-changing landscape, manufacturers, stores and other relevant parties are encouraged to attend the Natural Products Expo West.

2013 Natural Products Expo West

The Natural Products Expo West is the leading trade show featuring natural products in the country. In fact, the Expo is so well organized that it was even listed as one of the Top 200 Trade Shows in the US. This notoriety is well deserved and ensures that guests of all backgrounds can find what they are looking for and then some by attending. The exhibits will feature trends, products and more, all focusing on natural, organic and healthy alternatives to mainstream options.

This year, the Natural Products Expo West is bigger and more exciting than ever. The featured speaker will be Tracie McMillan, a noted journalist and author. Her unique reporting looks at how to bring natural and organic products to poorer populations, who otherwise have limited access to such products. Other speakers will include Rip Esselstyn, who helped pioneer the Engine 2 Diet. Over the years, Esselstyn has promoted health awareness in a variety of forms, encouraging people to adapt a healthy lifestyle, especially by eating a plant-based diet.

There will also be a number of seminars available at this year’s Expo with topics ranging from great tasting nutrition to effective and healthy weight loss. Topics will also cover pressing issues like obesity in children and stress management. Guests at the Expo can customize their experience based on their interest and their professional goals. Tracks are available for individuals involved in retail, health care, manufacturing and more. This ensures that each guest will have the best experience possible at this year’s exciting Expo.

If all this is not enough, most people are sure to find something scintillating on the exhibit floor. This year, there will be over 3,000 exhibits to peruse, featuring the best and latest ideas from leaders in the industry. Exhibits focus on a wide range of industry niches including pets, natural solutions, health and beauty, supplements and more. Big names attending include Engredea, Nutracon and Fresh Ideas. This range is the most impressive yet, making the Natural Products Expo West the quintessential trade show for the industry. Guests are encouraged to check the exhibit list in advance to plan out their route before arriving.

The Natural Products Expo West has become a popular mainstay with people involved in all elements of the natural products industry. This Expo is the perfect place for manufacturers to show off their latest ideas. It is also a prime spot for retailers to get a feel for upcoming trends and to start directing their sales and advertising in the coming year. Health care practitioners can get a feel for what to recommend to patients, and journalists, bloggers, business consultants and more can all find something of value by attending this unparalleled trade show.

No matter what job one may have, all Expo guests can expect to learn, share and network. In fact, the Natural Products Expo West is the perfect place to start making new industry contacts and to start fruitful business partnerships. There are plenty of opportunities to meet and mingle, helping interested individuals make important connections to jumpstart innovation and growth. There is simply no better place to start an exciting year in the natural products industry.

**ANAHEIM** the comfortable - Anaheim Convention Center

This year, the Natural Products Expo West is scheduled for March 7 through 10 with the exhibit floor open through the weekend. The event will take place at the comfortable Anaheim Convention Center, which has plenty of room for all talks, seminars and the full Expo floor. Tickets are currently available and can be ordered in advance at a discounted price. For those planning their trip, be sure to consider the Anaheim Express Inn Maingate. Located within walking distance from the convention center, the Anaheim Express Inn has all the amenities at the best price for this year’s Expo.

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