Huntington Beach California the King of all Beaches

Knowing were to experience Huntington Beach at its finest:

Knowing where to have good time in Huntington Beach, CA is what will make the visit to this coastal beach city memorable for lifetimes. Huntington Beach is a city situated about 45 miles from L A. LA is another famous destination known for its glamor and stardom of Hollywood, Ca. If you travel the opposite direction, you will find yourself in the fabulous city of San Diego. What makes Huntington Beach the cream of the crop is that it sits in the pristine area of some of the most fantastic waves ever known to any surfer alive!

Map Huntington Beaches

Map: From Anaheim Disneyland to Huntington Beach 20 minutes

Places to visit for all who dare see the magic:

Where there are surfers, there are women. This city is the mecca of magic for any single person worldwide. Beautiful tanned bodies will shimmer from the sun, striking the pristine sands of the Huntington Beach coastline. Huntington Beach boasts a tourist population of over 15 million visitors a year. On Friday nights, the Huntington Beach Pier is the place to be for the Farmers Market. The Farmers Market begins at 8:00am and goes until 5:00 pm. At the Farmers Market, you will find more than farmers! Blown glass, art, souvenirs, decorations, tourist information and a vast assortment of other things is sure to delight a new visitor. On Saturday night at dusk, the fun begins with car shows and live music performance at the Pier.

Huntington(highres) Pier Surfer

The beach:

A stroll along this 9.7-mile run of seashore will entice the least romantic into a full-blown 911 call to action. Romantic walks on this stretch of beach are what movies are showing on every movie categorized as romance. With the serene soft sounds of waves licking the shoreline, creating your own romance will be easy.

Something for all:

If you are the more relaxed type, then Huntington Beach has something for you with its wildlife bird wetlands. There are large areas of wetlands that will provide hours of pristine bird watching and wildlife viewing. A walk in the park will not be hard at Huntington Beach, but what will be hard is choosing which ones of the 76 parks to visit. Some names include Bolsa Chica State Beach, Dog Beach and Sunset Beach; all these wonderful beach-like parks offer a unique experience.

If you like nature:

Sunset Aquatic Park is on Edinger Avenue. The Aquatic Park will thrill you with the glamorously showcased sea life. You can experience hours of fantastic entertainment. You also can opt for a bike ride near the Pier at Huntington Beach. Bikes rent for six to twelve dollars per four-hour segment. A full day is cheaper.

Come and get it:

Now, maybe you are craving a fantastic steak dinner. Well, if you are, head over to Harvey’s Steakhouse at 6060 Warner Ave. The food is out of this world. Another fine place to quench the pallet is Nadine’s Irish Mist 55 Pacific Coast Highway. The food is nothing short of awesome.

Now that’s Italian:

Luggatti’s Italian Grill, 210 5th St is the place to dine if you like all of what makes Italy great. Italian food that makes your pallet want more is the story with Luggatti’s. Luggatti’s is famous for its pasta and authentic Italian cuisine. The food is created by a family that has its roots in the old country of Italy.

The month of March brings madness to Huntington Beach:

The month of March offers visitors a great time with Surf Cities Comedy Club presenting Gerry Bednob. Gerry Bednob is hilarious; he is all about bringing humor and fun to the stage. You may remember him from the 40-year-old Virgin. Comedy houses in Huntington Beach are everywhere. The joy and excitement of a good laugh can be the exact reprieve you seek.

Places to take a nap:

Hotels and motels are abundant, but a stay at The Waterfront Beach Resort with its top-rate service, and the beautiful views of the beach are priceless. This fine Hotel is located at 21100 Pacific Coast Highway. All rooms have an awesome balcony for you to have a relaxing drink or enjoy a conversation with someone special. This fine hotel exemplifies what quality and service is all about.

Places that have that special personal touch:

The Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa is a place that has every type of relaxation therapy mixed into its core. The spa offers first-rate day spa service. The rooms are furnished with a top grade interior design theme. Help and services personnel are always waiting to assist in your stay. This hotel is well worth the rates. Off-season offers some particularly great savings on room rates!

We’re going out to sea:

Boat rentals, kayak rentals, para-sailing are all available at the beach next to the Pier. All rates change as seasons change. Taking a boat trip across the ocean on one of the many Hydro Boats can be a blast. Only the strong stomach individual can endure such a ride.

Let’s dance the night away:

The nightlife is awesome at Huntington Beach Marlins, located down the street from the Pier. This spot is the place to go if you want to meet hot singles. Dancing and dining are always on the schedule. Another fun venue is Pete Mallory’s located on 2100 Trip St. This bar is known for its stand up comedy and awesome dance floors. If dancing is what you crave, this club is the rave.


A note of caution:

A tourist can never run out of fun and interesting things to stay busy. Huntington Beach has a lot for every flavor of tourist that comes its way.

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