Disneyland News – Roger Rabbit steals the show at Mickey’s Halloween Party as Disneyland quietly offers hilariously animated meet-and-greet


Upon hearing the surprise news that ultra-rare character Roger Rabbit was making appearances during Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland this year, I immediately knew I would stop at nothing to get a chance to meet him.

But the news didn’t come from Disney. Roger is one of several characters who are meeting with guests in Toontown two hours before the separately-ticketed Halloween party begins. However, Disney hasn’t publicized his appearances one bit. Instead, word-of-mouth prompted me to frantically search online for someone with a spare ticket to the sold-out event a couple Fridays ago, a late addition to my multi-day California Halloween haunt adventure.

As I had already scheduled two other haunted attractions that night, I didn’t have time to stay for Mickey’s Halloween Party after enjoying a day roaming Disneyland’s Halloween Time. But there was no way I was going to miss out on meeting Roger, one of my favorite all time characters – and one I had never seen in person.

Roger Rabbit had returned to Disneyland a couple times recently, in May 2012 for a single night on the Fantasmic! riverboat, then in March of this year for a Limited Time Magic Easter bunny hop. But neither was a meet-and-greet opportunity. This was my chance.

Thanks to the far reaching powers of Inside the Magic, all it took for me was a quick Facebook post and I was in touch with someone who possessed an extra ticket for the night. And so it happened. I met Roger Rabbit. In Toontown. And it was glorious.

Read full article by Ricky Brigante: http://www.insidethemagic.net/2013/10/roger-rabbit-steals-the-show-at-mickeys-halloween-party-as-disneyland-quietly-offers-hilariously-animated-meet-and-greet/



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