Disneyland News – ‘Star Wars’ Coming To A Disneyland Not So Far, Far Away?

mgid-uma-content-mtv.com-1715297New reports claim that California guests will be able to walk through a re-creation of Millennium Falcon.

The merging of the Disney and Lucasfilm brands, even just on paper, always seemed rife with crossover potential — one, of course, being bringing “Star Wars” to the theme parks in a bigger and better way. However, nearly a year after the deal was finalized, we’ve yet to see Ewoks and Jawas take over the Magic Kingdom, but could a big change be just around the corner?

The Disney park fan blog MiceAge published a report this week that details supposed plans for the Disneyland in Anaheim, California, that will transform a big portion of the Tomorrowland into a “Star Wars”-themed attraction.

Two of the main additions to the park would be a spaceport that could host a very famous ship and a dining and entertainment area made to look like the cantina on Tattooine from the original “Star Wars” movie.

MiceAge gave a short description for what parkgoers can expect from the spaceport area: “What’s a landing pad without a spaceship, right? The craft that will have landed there won’t be any old spaceship however, but will be the famous Millennium Falcon that will act as an elaborate walk-through attraction and meet-and-greet location for your favorite Wookie co-pilot.”

The other addition would bring an epic set piece from the original trilogy to life. There are reportedly plans to re-create the forests of Endor, where the Ewoks in “Return of the Jedi” live. A new ride in the area will let people race through the trees on the speeder bikes from one of the movie’s most famous sequences.

The news of a bigger “Star Wars” presence in Disneyland comes hot off of reports that an Iron Man attraction would soon be appearing at the park’s Hong Kong location.

Read full story By Kevin Sullivan: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1715297/star-wars-disneyland-theme-park.jhtml




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