Disneyland News – Prowling Cats and Other Disneyland Secrets Exposed

Prowling Cats and Other Disneyland Secrets ExposedDisneyland is popularly known as one of the happiest places on earth. That certainly is true and many flock to the park to enjoy its popular attractions. But, even this great park has a few secrets that are generally hidden from public view.

Deadly Cat Gang Roams Disneyland at Night 

Here is a secret that devoted Mickey Mouse fans may not want to know. Each night after the park closes furry heads peek out of their hiding places. When the coast is clear dozens of feral cats begin roaming the streets of the magical kingdom.

Are they searching for catnip?

No. They are only interested in finding mice. And, these cats are quite willing to attack and kill their prey. Gulp. Any rodent that does not resemble the beloved Mickey better run for their lives.

Instead of chasing these wily felines away, the park welcomes this mini army of around 200 cats. Yes, that’s right. These cats are fed and treated quite swell during the day by Disneyland staff. They are let loose at night to keep the park free of mice and other unwanted critters.

The Secret Social Club

Amid the fun rides, parades and roaming characters is a social club that is only open to members. Club 33 is located in a quiet corner of New Orleans Square. It is easy to miss the entrance if you are not looking for it. Inside this exclusive setting is a fine dining restaurant that serves exquisite cuisine. Members can kick back and relax in the lounge while admiring Disney memorabilia that line the walls.

Many celebrities are members along with other people that can afford the hefty membership fee. Anyone that wishes to join is going to have a long wait. Few new memberships are available. Current waiting time for membership is ten years.

Club 33 is also the only place in the park where you can enjoy an alcoholic drink.

Walt Disney Apartment

Walt Disney had a secret apartment built above the firehouse on Main Street. During his visits staff knew he was there when they saw a light on. Today anyone can see Disney’s elegant digs by taking the VIP tour.

Going to Disneyland is an exciting adventure filled with fun and thrills. However, there is more to this amusement park than meets the eye. Intriguing secrets can be found with a little snooping.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/video/whoknew-secrets-disneyland-everything-wanted-060000124.html

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