Festive Holiday Season Candlelight Walk in Heritage Hill Historical Park – Orange County Parks

Festive Holiday Season Candlelight Walk in Heritage Hill Historical Park - Orange County ParksTraditions come and traditions go; some hang around for centuries, while others lose their appeal after a short period. Holiday traditions tend to endear themselves to everybody and are usually the ones that last the longest. One of those special traditions is the classic candlelight walk.

The flickering of candles, and the sound of joyous voices singing beloved Christmas carols and seasonal favorites never fails to warm the hearts of young and old alike. It’s a tradition that inspires children to appreciate the finer spiritual, communal things in life: sharing a common event of love and wholesome activities with family, friends and neighbors.

We invite you to join neighbors, families and friends on a festive candlelight walk in Heritage Hill Historical Park this holiday season. The event will include two enchanting evenings of classic holiday activities. Everybody is invited to join the festive celebration of the holiday with lights, music and fellowship. Families with children are especially encouraged to attend. Giving children an opportunity to see citizens of the community sharing a special event together, just for the sake of itself, is an inspiring gift to young minds.

You’ll experience charming luminary-lit paths, classic period decorations and buildings festively aglow with holiday lights. Along the way, you’ll see and hear carolers, strolling along the way, promoting good will and peace with classic Christmas carols. Each building will feature engaging performers adding to the fun. And of course, the big man in red, Mr. Claus himself, will be available for young visitors and admirers.

Because of the popularity of this event, it will be held on two separate nights, giving local residents, visitors and tourists two opportunities to experience this highly anticipated event. The fun begin at 5:30 PM and will last until 8:30 PM on Saturday, December 14th and Sunday, December 15th. In addition to the carolers and other heartwarming entertainment, food venders will sell delicious, tummy-warming, seasonal favorites. Admission to this spectacular event will be a very reasonable $3.00 for children 3-12, and $4.00 for adults.

An opportunity to share holiday spirits, good will and warm fellowship such as this exciting event presents is too good to miss. It is especially important for children to share this kind of wholesome, healthy community experience. Put away the electronic game devices for at least one evening and join neighbors for an experience that truly embodies the spirit of the holiday season.

More information: http://ocparks.com/historic/heritage/events

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