At 84, Barbara Walters Has Finally Visited Disneyland

At 84 Barbara Walters Has Finally Visited DisneylandBarbara Walters has gone around the world as a journalist, but at 84 years old, she had never been to Disneyland before her recent trip there with Kurt Russell and her co-hosts from The View. The magic of her journey was enhanced by the history offered by Russell, who worked with the Walt Disney Company for ten years as a child and teenager. On her trip, Barbara Walters also got to visit a private club and the apartment of founder Walt Disney.

Kurt Russell accented his trip with Walters by treating her to wine from his own company, GoGi, which he has been crafting with a vineyard in Santa Rita Hills, California, for the past five years. Both stars enjoyed the company and spirit of friends Patrick Dempsey, Tim Allen, Demi Lovato and Kobe Bryant.

Barbara Walters was amazed at what she had missed out on all of those years. After lamenting that she never got to enjoy the legendary park as a five-year-old herself, she wished out loud that she had a five-year-old guest with her for the experience. Walters savored every minute of her trip to Disneyland, taking time to enjoy plenty of rides as well.

After her trip, Barbara Walters announced that she had ridden all of the rides at the theme park. She said she was scared when she rode Soarin’ Over California, and her fear of heights made it an even bigger challenge. She screamed as she rode the rides with Whoopi Goldberg and was exhilarated at finally experiencing Disneyland for herself. Although Barbara Walters has traveled around the world, visiting some of the most remote areas in Tibet and China, she said that nothing has compared to her Disneyland Trip.

Jenny McCarthy, who recently joined The View as a co-host, also had an exciting trip to the park. She expressed her gratitude for being the newest member of this group. Her visit to Disneyland was enhanced by the fact that she brought her son, who is now convinced that McCarthy has the greatest job anywhere. According to Jenny McCarthy, he is definitely right.

Source: us magazine

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