Disney Parks See Record Attendance in 2013 – 12 Percent Increase Over the Previous Period

Disney Parks See Record Attendance in 2013Now that Disney parks in Anaheim have completed their renovations, the time for the increased attendance is ready to occur. The park flourished in their last fiscal year, with incredible profits. The 30th day of June to the 28th day of September is one fiscal quarter. In 2012 the Disney parks made a profit of about 11.6 billion dollars, which is a seven percent increase from the same period last year. Overall profits in the quarter reached a new record of 1.4 billion dollars, a 12 percent increase over the previous period. In other words people are headed to Disney parks like they never have at any time in history.

The entire fiscal year’s revenue tells and even greater success story for Disney parks. The amazing whirlwind of profit finally halted at 45 billion dollars. This is an overall increase of seven percent over the previous fiscal calendar year. The net gain of income was about eight percent, which brought overall gains in monetary earnings of 6.1 billion dollars. To say that the parks are doing well these days is a gross understatement. They seem to have more charm and allure than ever before even though this is an entirely new generation of children visiting the parks.

Some of the Disney parks have added new attractions. The Disney California Adventures Park added Car Land, which would be a car lover’s paradise. People are lining up to see the new additions and to enjoy what they’ve already seen in the past. Since people are recovering a bit from the recession a few years ago, they have more disposable income to take part in the Disney magic just like people used to long ago. Hotel reservations are rising as well since there are more tourists looking for rooms for their vacations at the parks.

Perhaps people are realizing that family is important once more. Families are packing the parks at rates that could have never been predicted. Everyone wants to see what all the commotion is about at the Disney parks. It’s a phenomenon that can only partially be explained by the new additions. Newer children of this generation seem to enjoy Disney parks just as much as the previous generation, if not more. Whatever is causing this flood of traffic, the good people of Disney are welcoming all new visitors with open arms. You can count on seeing some amazing things at Disney parks.

Source: ocregister.com/articles

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