Don’t Miss this! K1 Speed in Anaheim Rocks

Go-Kart Racing Can Be One of the Most Thrilling Experiences of a Lifetime.

What a fun place!
K1 Speed in Anaheim Rocks 2014The adrenaline starts pumping, and the excitement builds with each lap around the track. It’s the kind of fun that everyone can have at K1 Speed Anaheim.With indoor facilities and a well-maintained track, racing fun can be had rain or shine, and the experience is guaranteed to thrill. This karting center features high-performance electric karts with a top speed of 45 mph that go from 0 to top speed in seconds instead of the need to build up speed like operating a gas-powered kart. This combined with a professionally designed track guarantees that drivers from novices up to seasoned pros will experience a genuine thrill.K1 Speed offers a wide range of packages for drivers, but one of the most popular attractions they have is what they call Arrive & Drive. With Arrive & Drive, up to 12 drivers can take the track and race against the clock. With races like this, drivers are racing for position. Instead, Arrive & Drive focuses on trying for the best lap time possible. Using live telemetry, drivers can monitor their performance and make adjustments as they drive, and they can see how they stack up against every other driver that has taken the track there.What also makes, K1 Speed unique is the fact that they offer racing classes as well as hosting a number of racing leagues. These racing leagues are very affordable and perfect for racers on a budget since all the driver has to do is show up and pay the entry fee. The leagues are available for kids as well as adults, making an activity the whole family can enjoy. The only restriction for driving is that drivers be at least 4 foot tall or taller to be able to race.

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What People Say

If there’s one thing that K1 Speed has besides fast karts, it’s satisfied customers. Some customers do have mixed reactions based on what they expect from a kart center, but there are some things that most everyone seems to agree on at K1 Speed Anaheim.

One of the biggest things reviewers agree on is that racing at K1 Speed is a lot of fun. Wait times before racing can be a little long depending on how busy it is, but most would agree that once they hit the track, the fun and excitement was well worth the wait. Another part of the fun is that while drivers are waiting to be able to get on the track, they can watch the current races from different vantage points around the center which adds fun of its own to the experience.

Reviewers also agree that while the price might be a little high for some, the value is worth the price especially when buying 2 or more races compared to buying just a single race. For most, the thrill and excitement of the race make it well worth the price.

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