Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center is One of the Best Attractions in Anaheim

Awesome experience!
Awesome experience Flightdeck Flight Simulation CenterThe Flightdeck Flight Simulator is one of the top rated attractions in Orange County. This is an attraction where the public can experience what it would be like to be the pilot of a jet. There are cockpits where people sit in order to get a feeling of what it is like to move and fly through the air. The simulator is based on a 737. Speeds reach 500 knots with simulated take-offs and landings. You can also experience what it is like to engage in combat while flying in the air. There is enough room for 10 people to fly at one time. Those who don’t want to partake in the activities can sit in the Officer’s Club. This is an observation area where you can see everything the pilots are doing on an LED screen. You can also hear the communication that takes place between the pilots. There are several flight lengths available including 30 and 60 minutes. Reservations are required in order to participate.

The screen that wraps around the room makes the experience more real. A briefing is held before the simulation to explain what you will feel and what the experience will be like. This is where real pilots train before flying. Those who have participated in the simulation feel that this is one of the best activities in the area. From suiting up to landing, it is something that many people enjoy doing and plan to do again. A mission control team guides pilots in what they are supposed to do so that they get the true feeling of being in the air. During some flights, you might be able to experience an emergency landing. Some people feel that with the large screen it feels like you are really flying through the air. There have been some who have checked to make sure that they haven’t taken off from the building because it is such a realistic experience. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful from beginning to end. Pictures can be taken while suited up as well as before and after the flight simulation. www.flightdeck1.com TEL 714-937-1511

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