Adventure City is An Affordable Alternative to Disneyland Built for Small Children

Adventure City in Anaheim ChildrenAdventure City: The Little Theme Park That is Big on Fun

Are you planning a fun-filled family vacation to Anaheim, but cannot afford bigger parks like Disneyland or Knots Berry Farm? Adventure City is the theme park for you! Established in 1994 in Anaheim, California, this little park is big on fun and offers many rides and attractions that are fun for you and your little ones. It is an affordable alternative to Disneyland and you do not have to wait in large lines to get in. Adventure City also offer birthday party packages to make that special day for your child memorable as well as sponsoring corporate parties and other private events.

Sponsored by the Coca Cola Company, Adventure City is one of the smallest theme parks in the state of California occupying over 2 acres. Mostly aimed for children 12 and under, this park also averages 200,000 to 400,000 visitors annually. Adventure City is home to a number of fun rides and attractions for the family.

Rides include:

  • A vintage 1946 Carouselthat is the centerpiece of Adventure City
  • Rescue 911: An emergency themed ride made of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances that ride along a guided track
  • Drop Zone: A ride that is made for the thrill seeker that consists of a 45 foot tower that slowly takes people to the top followed by a plunge to the bottom
  • A spinning Balloon Ride
  • Barnstormer Planes: A gentle spinning airplane ride.
  • Freeway Coaster: A small roller coaster for small thrill seekers
  • Crank n’ Roll: A kid powered mini train that rides on the tracks
  • The Adventure City Express Train that gives guests a full circle tour of the park
  • Crazy Bus: A flat, bus shaped swooping ride that is one of the favorite attractions
  • Giggle Wheel: A mini Ferris wheel that is big on fun and giggles for the little ones

Other attractions at Adventure City include:

  • A petting farm
  • Rock Climbing
  • A children’s theater
  • An arcade
  • Parker’s Fill Up Station: a place to eat for you and your family
  • A party station for your party or other events
  • A party tree house
  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: A place where kids can build creative train layouts. It is a great spot for small children to play with Thomas train sets.

If you have small kids and you are planning a family vacation that creates wonderful memories for them, Adventure City is the perfect place for you. It is very affordable and full of fun rides and attractions for those 12 and under and you do not need to stand in long lines.

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