Disney is Number One in the Theme Park Business

Disney Number One 2015July 15, 2015 will be an important day in the history of Anaheim, California. It marks the 60th anniversary of Disneyland’s 1955 grand opening. While some of the old rides and attractions have been replaced by new ones, the operation of each Disney Park still stays loyal to the founder’s dreams and outlook for the future.

New technology has allowed the world of Disney to reach further than Walt Disney could ever have imagined, but if he were alive today, he would see that many of his ideas and formulas for success remain relevant to this day.

2013 Visitor Count to Disney Theme Parks

The numbers do not lie. According to a 2013 AECOM Economics and Themed Entertainment Association (TEA, nine of the top-ten theme parks around the world are Disney Parks. Only Universal Studios (ranked 9th in annual attendance) cracked the top-ten themed/amusement parks in the world.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, in Lake Buena Vista, FL ranked number one with a 2013 attendance of 18,588,000. Disneyland in Anaheim CA ranked third with 16,202,000 visiting the park in 2013. Disney’s California Adventure, located adjacent to Disneyland in Anaheim, ranked 10th with a 2013 attendance of 8,514,000. Total attendance at all eleven Disney theme parks around the world totaled 132.5 million. That is more than double the amount of its nearest competitor. Disney works hard to assure great customer experiences.

Disney is a Trash-Free Zone

On a busy Saturday, more than 50,000 people will pass through the gates at Disneyland. Even if you place a trash can on every corner, you know that some garbage is bound to litter the ground. So, how come you never see a stray wrapper or empty water bottle blowing in the wind? Disney has a large sanitation team and every cast member is trained to pick-up and properly dispose of any debris they may see.

Disney Stimulates All of Your Senses

When you walk down Main Street, you might detect the pleasant smell of vanilla. Around the holidays, the scent changes to peppermint. Music is always playing somewhere and there are all types of displays that capture your eye. Even as you walk between the different sections of the park, the surface changes to subtly tell you that you are entering Tomorrowland or Frontierland. Disney engages all of a visitor’s senses to give them the best possible experience.

Familiar Surroundings

Every Disney theme park around the world features a central fairy tale castle that leads visitors down a path to the different lands that await them. Just like people know what to expect when they visit any McDonald’s restaurant, visitors to Disney parks here in the United States, or overseas, will feel welcome at any Disney park they visit. Disney maintains a consistent theme while also offering some different things to see at each locale.

Cast Members Never Get in the Way of Guests

You’ll never see cast members rushing across Main Street or hustling to report to work when you visit Disneyland. Between guests and cast members, Disneyland can be as crowded as a small city of 75,000 people. Thanks to an elaborate underground tunnel system, visitor rarely come in contact with the men and women who keep the park running. Characters surface in the areas where they are scheduled to perform and do not roam across the entire park.

Authentic Antiques in the Arcades

As people are want to do, they touch anything and everything within reach. Disney has an unwritten rule that says anything within touching distance should be real and anything that is out of reach just looks real.

Disneyland is a Safe Place

Disney pays special attention to keeping the park safe for all guests. No one will want to go to a park if word gets out about people being mugged in the parking lot or having their pocket picked while waiting in line. Although you will hardly notice them, there are more than 300 security officers roaming the grounds. That is a huge number. By comparison, the entire City of Anaheim only employs about 285 police officers.

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