Tips for the Perfect Family Day at Knott’s Berry Farm – In Buena Park California

Knott's Berry Farm Travel 2015

Many families don’t realize just how much Knott’s Berry Farm has to offer and think of it more of a poor alternative to Disneyland. The truth is the park has been developed significantly over the past decade and the rides and other attractions that have been added make it a full scale, variety filled theme park. It provides a well-rounded experience for the whole family with thrill rides, child rides and rides family can to on together, live shows, parades, water light shows, play areas, and numerous shopping and dining options. While not as big as Disneyland, it is still important that you plan for your visit beforehand for an ideal family vacation. Some tips that will make for the ideal family visit to Knott’s Berry Farm are listed below.

• Early Admission – During the main tourist seasons in winter and summer, you can often get into the park 30 minutes early. The only line that forms is for Ghost Rider but this is a huge advantage if you want to ride this attraction without standing in line for a long time. Even if you don’t want to ride Ghost Rider, it is worth it to go early and head for the most popular attraction you want to experience. At official opening time, you will be ready to join the line immediately. Notice the looks of confusion on the other visitors who don’t know about this secret as they wonder how you and the rest of the people in line got there so fast.

• Find a Cool Spot in the Heat –It can get hot in the summer afternoons so decide on a few air-conditioned places to go ahead of time. Shopping is a great choice as shops are cool and if you plan ahead of time you can pick ones that will keep your child’s interest. Kid like the Snoopy store in particular, which is located across from the Marketplace.

• Buy Your Tickets and Fast Passes Before you Visit – Fast Lane passes are well worth the price as they let you go on 10 of the most popular rides without waiting in a long line. You can ride as many times as you want all day long by showing your wrist band. There are special entrances for most Fast Land rides which makes it easy and quick to access the platform. Getting your tickets and Fast Lane passes early means one less line to wait in and ensures you can get the number of passes you want. While there is no limit as to how many times you can ride the rides the pass covers there is a limit to the number off wristbands sold for each day. This keeps the Fast Lane lines short. During the busiest seasons, there are days that Fast Lane passes are sold out before the park opens so buy them online and buy them early.

• Register with KidTrack – This free program helps children who have become separated from their families be quickly returned. When you enter the park go to Guest Services where your cell phone number and name will be written on a special waterproof wrist band given to your child to wear. Children are told to inform any employee wearing a name tag if they get separated from their parents. The employee will escort the child to the Information Center and parents will be called and notified.

• Military, Fire and Police Personnel Can Take Advantage of a Special Offer – All military, fire and police personnel, past and present get free admission and a free guest ticket in appreciation for their service. They can also buy an additional six tickets at a much reduced price. This offer is only available certain days so check well in advance in order to determine the schedule and match it to your planned visit. All civilian and support employees with the military, police or fire department are included in this offer.

• Attend Church at Knott’s Berry Farm on Sunday – Knott’s Berry Farm is not only among the oldest theme parks in the country it is also the only one with a Church where you can attend Sunday and Holiday Services. The non-denominational Church of Reflections, complete with a large stained glass window holds regular services and can be rented for weddings, vow renewals, and other special occasions. The Snoopy Gang will even attend!

• Children Can Meet the Snoopy Characters – New to the park is an meet and greet opportunity for children to meet their favorite Snoopy Characters. Beagle Scout Headquarters located in Camp Snoopy, is an interactive experience for children of all ages and Snoopy himself is always in attendance. Take all the pictures you want of your child with the Snoopy Gang. This area can get crowded so if you have young children plan to visit when they are at their freshest as when tired the experience may become overwhelming. Remember that the costumes make the characters appear larger than life and when combined with numerous children all vying for Snoopy’s attention at once can overstimulate children especially if they are tired or hungry. A certain amount of patience and energy in needed to ensure the best experience for your child.

• Spend Family Time Panning for Gold or Seeing an Exhibit – Visit Ghost town and learn how to pan for gold and take home what you find. Tour Independence Hall, the only exact replica of the original in Philadelphia complete with Liberty Bell. This museum provides fascinating details about the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and exhibits show what life was like at the time. Walk around Ghost Town and see real buildings and memorabilia transported and reconstructed at Knott’s Berry Farm. Mr. Knott himself had a deep respect for American History and did not want just a recreation of this important part of the Wild West. He took years to search for and select each part of the town and personally oversaw its completion.

• Don’t Miss the Chance to Eat at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant – Every day since it opened in 1934, people line up on Grand Avenue for the privilege of eating Mrs. Knott’s famous fried chicken and biscuits and boysenberry pie. Although Mrs. Knott’s is no longer around to cook your meal herself, her original recipes are still used. Expanded over the years, this restaurant is one of the biggest family full service dining place in the country. Contrary to the name, the restaurant also serves breakfast and lunch and features a full menu of options that will please children and adults alike. Although they only take reservations for parties of 12 or more, you can stop by and put your name on the list and return at the time given.

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  1. what a great article! I’m wondering how to sign-up/purchase(?) the free tickets for fire service personnel. I’ve hunted around on their website but I haven’t found anything. Do you know how to find them?

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