Easter Weekend at Disneyland is Full of Fun

There’s no better way to enjoy Easter weekend than by spending it at fun-filled Disneyland in Anaheim, California. If you have a few days off and want to enjoy the fact that spring is truly in the air, Disneyland is the perfect destination for you and your family.

Family Picture with Minnie Mickey and Pluto in their easter best in the front of Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland

Family photo – Credit to ginger ‏@chinagrrl from Los Angeles – March 21 2015

Young laddy taking pictures with 6 unique easter bunnys at Disneyland California in March 2015

“Wabbit season” Photo credit Brittany Jones ‏@B_J1S – March 20 2015

Disneyland on Easter is full of all sorts of excitement. You can meet Roger Rabbit at Big Thunder Ranch, for example. You can even take a picture with the famed bunny. You can enjoy all sorts of rides that embody the true Disneyland experience. If you’re a thrill seeker, you can go on Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or the Matterhorn. If you’re a whimsical type, you can enjoy the serenity of It’s a Small World, a legendary log flume ride. If Disney animated features shaped the earliest years of your life, you can enjoy the aerial carousel delights of Dumbo the Flying Elephant. Disneyland on Easter is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday. It has all the ingredients to make for a perfect day. These include great rides, a festive atmosphere and delicious food.

Mickey and Minnie Dress up for Easter in pink and green

Photo credit nAo ‏@pinooooomm – March 22 2015

Disneyland Easter Parade 2014

Photo credit ❁ Rika ❁ ‏@rikadesuu from Japan – March 08 2015

If you want to nosh on tasty food at Disneyland on Easter, you have a lot of delectable choices easily available to you. If you want classic All-American fare, you can visit the Stage Door Cafe to munch on chicken nuggets, corn dogs and even funnel cakes. If you’re in the mood for Cajun delicacies, you can stop by the Blue Bayou for hearty seafood jambalaya or broiled filet mignon meals. If you want a sweet treat on Easter, you can choose between yummy options including waffle ice cream cones and candy apples galore. Disneyland has it all. If you want to celebrate the joy of Easter weekend, there’s no better place to do so than Disneyland, period.

A famous couple posing with Rogger Rabitt for a souvenir photo at Disneyland

Photo credit xtine noir. ‏@xtinenoir from Santa Ana, CA

Disneyland is the ideal Easter destination for the entire family. Young children love it. Adults love it. There’s something for everyone at Disneyland. When you visit Disneyland on Easter, you’ll never experience even a second of boredom. There’s simply no shortage of things to do and see at this world famous theme park. When you visit Disneyland, you can truly feel like a child again, in pure awe and wonder of the world. There’s no other place like it on earth.

A beautiful young women taking a selfie with easter bunny for fun at Legoland March 2015

Photo credit Nicole Wiseman ‏@NicWise from Los Angeles

Actress Christine Barger having fun taking a picture with a cartoon character at Disneyland Park

Photo Credit Actress Ventriloquist from Hollywood Christine Barger ‏ – @christinebarger

Easter GoGo dancers at Disneyland April 2014

Easter GoGo dancers at Disneyland – Photo credit Disney Fan(atic) Jennifer Young ‏@Sheespan_Jen

Easter Mousies at Disneyland

Photo credit Syd Rein ‏@sydr20  http://www.sydrein.com

Easter Bunny at Disneyland

Photo credit 33_Wonderland ‏from Anaheim

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