Meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Is Always Fun

Disneyland is full of magical moments but nothing is more exciting than getting a chance to meet Mickey Mouse and his sweetheart Minnie Mouse. Mickey and Minnie are not shy about greeting their adoring fans, followers, and friends. When visiting Disneyland, whether you are young or old, getting to see and say hello to Mickey Mouse is always a highlight of the day.

Mickey's Angels photo by kaseyskitchen from Anaheim on 31 Jan 2014

Mickey’s Angels! Photo credit Kasey’s Kitchen ‏@kaseyskitchen – 31 Jan 2014

On the night before you are planning to visit Disneyland, you can hardly sleep. Like a child waiting until morning to unwrap gifts from Santa, going to Disneyland is equally exciting. Your imagination takes over as you anticipate the amazing day that lies ahead. In just hours you will pass through the gates of the theme park and into the Wonderful World of Disney.

Beautiful baby and his mom smilling and huging Mickey at the Park on July 8 2014

He couldn’t wait to hug Mickey! – Photo credit SC2 ‏@StevenClarkson July 8 2014

Of course it would be fun to see Goofy or Tinker Bell, and you’d love to meet Donald and Daisy Duck, but the real thrill would be to meet the most famous couple in all of Disneyland. It is understandable that your heart is set on meeting Mickey Mouse and his girl, Minnie Mouse. Will you get to meet the world’s most famous mouse? How will you meet him?

Darius Taghavi posing with Mickey and Minnie on Chinese New Year at Disney California Adventure on Feb 19 2015

Chinese New Year at Disney California Adventure 🎆 – Photo credit Darius Taghavi ‏@blueboy811 Feb 19 2015

Best Places to Meet Mickey and Minnie

One way to increase your chances of meeting your favorite Disney character is to show up in areas that Mickey is known to frequent. Mickey spends a good portion of his day in the Town Square on Main Street. If you are looking down at your map of the theme park and feel a tap on your shoulder, don’t be surprised if it is the white-gloved big hand of Mickey. A scream of delight is likely to follow when you turn around and come face-to-chest with the iconic Disney character.

Jess Furseth Meeting Mickey in Disneyland California in 1999

Jess Furseth Met Mickey 😍 in Disneyland California in 1999 – Photo credit Jess Furseth ‏@jessicafurseth

Mickey or Minnie probably won’t sneak up behind you and make you scream with surprise. More likely, you’ll see them in some of their favorite hangouts. Mickey has a pretty busy schedule. He usually appears in all of the theme park’s parades and in Fantasmic, the nighttime spectacular. You might also catch him leading the Disneyland Band or up on stage in a performance of Mickey and the Magical Map.

Mickey and Kate meeting at Disneyland for the first time on Sep 4 2014

Kate reunited with Mickey Disney California Adventure 👍 – Photo credit Kate from Perth –  ‏@illieface Sep 4 2014

Minnie Mouse is often seen in Town Square along with Mickey. You might notice her in a pink polka-dot dress around her home in Toon Town. The happy-go-lucky couple are the true ambassadors for Disneyland.

VivaNavidad with Mickey and Minnie at Disney California Adventure on November 27 2014

VivaNavidad with Mickey and Minnie at Disney California Adventure 🎄🎅🎉 – Photo credit Ginger –  ‏@chinagrrl November 27 2014

Fun Facts About Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse was an animated character who was brought to life in 1928 by Walt Disney. Mickey was a replacement for Disney’s earlier creation, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Young women dancing with Mickey on  January 23 2015 copy1

Renata 레나타 is dancing with Mickey ⭐️ – Photo credit Renata 레나타 ‏@AszuZzgyski January 23 2015

Shake hands with Mickey and you’ll notice he only has three fingers and a thumb. This was done intentionally by Walt Disney who famously said,”Artistically, five digits are too many for a mouse, it would look like a bunch of bananas.

2 brothers taking a photo with Mickey at Disney Park Oct 2014

Best bro in the world!! 👍 Photo credit Mark Capacia ‏@mdcapacia October 13 2014

In The Karnival Kid, a Disney short produced in 1929, Mickey Mouse spoke on film for the first time. Playing the role of a hot dog vendor, Mickey’s very first words were “Hot Dog!”

2 friends posing with Mickey for a souvenir photo at Disney Park Feb 2015

Mickey and Friends! @OfficialCLM on L, Mr. Mouse in Center, @saragriebe on R – Photo credit Beyond the Queue ‏@BeyondQueue February 25 2015 –

Since Mickey spoke his first words, there have only been a handful of people who have voiced the high falsetto voice of Mickey Mouse. Walt Disney was the original voice and he passed the torch to Jimmy MacDonald in 1946. After he retired, MacDonald was replaced by Wayne Allwine (Allwine’s wife Russi has been the voice of Minnie since 1986). Upon his death in 2009, Wayne Allwine was replaced by Bret Iwan, the current voice of Mickey.

2 girl friends having fun with the famous Mickey earsy

The Mickey to my Minnie. 👭🐭 – Photo Credit Becca Mumby ‏@bmumby

In 1934, a 40-foot high inflated Mickey Mouse floated down the streets of New York in what is now known as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Holding the ropes that kept Mickey from flying away were men and women dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Téki taking a souvenir picture with Mickey on October 23 2014 at Disneyland Anaheim

Disneyland brings smiles to even the most hardened punk rockers. Photo credit Téki ‏@tekitedesco October 23 2014 –

On November 18, 1978, Mickey was honored by being the first animated character to ever receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

3 photos of Mickey and Lightening McQueen at Disneyland

Mickey and Lightening McQueen – Photo credit Julie ‏@bsbaegirl –

A Little About Minnie Mouse

Minnie grew up on a farm and her parents were both farmers. They gave her the name Minerva.

Beautiful women taking a selfie with Mickey in the background in a sunny day on March 24 2015

Minnie ears decorate this recording artist’s portrait in front of the popular ferris wheel. Photo credit Diane de Mesa Singer Songwriter @MsDianeG March 24 2015 –

She was originally voiced by Walt Disney and for a short time, Judy Garland (Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz) was the voice of Minnie Mouse.

2 beautiful women taking a souvenir photo with Mickey and Minnie

We met Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland – Photo credit Frances ‏@developit March 2 2015

Minnie and Mickey were never married.

Hanging out with Mickey

Hanging out with Mickey!! – Photo credit Marianne Traxl @traxlmaz from Sydney, Australia ❤️


Only Mickey and Minnie have the power to make people smile like this 😎 Photo credit Kashius ‏@Travelin_Miles April 11 2014

Mickey's hug was one of the best hugs I've had

Mickey’s hug was one of the best hugs I’ve had 💕 – Photo credit Happy Alinsangan @happs_a June 26 2014

Family picture with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland

Family picture with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland – Photo credit Princess Charlll ‏Telford, UK @CharleyL99 on August 2 2014

It's a Mickey #selfie!

It’s a Mickey #selfie! – Photo credit Stephen Day

Walt and Mickey at Disneyland Resort with blue sky and blue flowers

Walt Disney would have praised the gardeners for this sea of lupine! Photo credit Niki Busler ‏@NikiB248 May 4 2014

Disney Parade with Mickey dancing in the background on June 12 2014

Hello Mickey! – Photo credit Moda Capital ‏@Modacapital June 12 2014 –

Beautiful photo of Walt and Mickey with the Sleeping Beauty Castle in the background

Magnificent yellow and pink adorn Walt and Mickey as they welcome visitors and dreamers forever. Photo credit Ivan ‏@Ivan44

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