Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration Starts on May 22, 2015


Photo Credit |shaylee| ‏@shayPete

Photo Credit |shaylee| ‏@shayPete

Disneyland is ready to sparkle and shine like never before when it celebrates its 60th anniversary. Disneyland’s Diamond Celebration officially begins on May 22, 2015. Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure Park are both “dressing up” for this milestone birthday of the original Disneyland.

Photo Credit Jackie Croft ‏@jackie_croft

Photo Credit MISS VERMONT USA 2015 Jackie Croft ‏@jackie_croft

While May 22, 2015 is the first day of the Diamond Celebration, Disneyland actually opened to some specially invited guests on July 17, 1955, and to the general public on July 18,2015. There were five themed parks and 18 attractions. While some attractions were free with admission, you had to buy tickets for many individual rides. In the 60 years since the gates first opened, Walt Disney’s vision has been expanded to include 85 major rides and attractions (51 in Disneyland Park & 34 in California Adventure Park).

Photo Credit  Jose Soto ‏@gkingsg

Dumbo Went Supersonic – Photo Credit Jose Soto ‏@gkingsg

The Disney theme park franchise has also grown to include the expansive Walt Disney World Resort just outside of Orlando, Florida as well as parks in Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. In 2016, a new Disney theme park is scheduled to open in Shanghai.

Photo Credit Tre intorno al mondo ‏@SimoneMimo

Photo Credit Tre intorno al mondo ‏@SimoneMimo – Visit Tre intorno al mondo’s website

If you have not been to Disney in a while, or if you just want to share in the excitement, make your plans to visit Disneyland and California Adventure for the Diamond Celebration. Take a look at some of what awaits you when you visit.

Photo Credit Evarie Green @tuela

Photo Credit Evarie Green @tuela

Lights! Lights! Lights!

Everywhere you go you will see more dazzling lights, banners, and decorations than ever before. You’ll be enchanted by the cascade of Disney blue and pink lights reflecting off the walls of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Over in Disney California Adventure Park, the Carthay Circle Theatre will have the magical lights and decorations illuminating the night. Make sure you take lots of pictures in front of these two magnificently lit Disney iconic buildings.

Photo Credit paulina estrada ‏@EstradaaPaulina

Photo Credit paulina estrada ‏@EstradaaPaulina

Paint the Night, the traditional nightly parade down Main Street U.S.A. has been given an injection of energy. Thanks to advanced technology and the use of more than 1.5 million lights, the glow will be magnified will the different Disney stories are presented. Thousands of energy efficient LED lights will be deployed on each float and all of the costumed characters will also be adorned with their own sophisticated lighting system.

Photo Credit Emeril's Essence ‏@Missundast00d

Photo Credit Emeril’s Essence ‏@Missundast00d


Disneyland Forever, the new fireworks show, will be something special to see. Magical pyrotechnic displays will paint the night time sky with brilliant colors. Disney’s mapping technology will paint the sky with all of your favorite Disney characters and stories. Broadway actress Ashley Brown, who played Mary Poppins, will be singing “Kiss Goodnight”.

Photo Credit Emjay Ong ‏@babyemjay

Photo Credit Emjay Ong ‏@babyemjay

Fantasy Faire

Story telling at its best will be featured in this new addition to the Disney lineup. Listen to the unique interpretation of the “Frozen” tale as only Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones of the Royal Theatre can tell.

Photo Credit Cha Concepcion ‏@cha_concepcion

Photo Credit Cha Concepcion ‏@cha_concepcion

Diamond Sing-Alongs

Join the Dapper Dans quartet along Main Street U.S.A. for a good, old-fashioned sing-along. Along with the Dapper Dans, the Straw Hatters band will get you in the mood so you will be dancing in the street and having a roaring good time.

Photo Credit Emeril's Essence ‏@Missundast00d

Photo Credit Alexie Mae Dy ‏@alexiemaeee

Mad T Party at Disney California Adventure Park

Go down the rabbit hole and enter the Mad Hatter’s T Party. This one-of-a-kind dance party will include amazing live entertainment, non-stop music and a great party atmosphere. The Mad T Party band includes the Mad Hatter and Alice on lead vocals, the March Hare on bass, theDormouse on guitar, the Caterpillar on keyboard, and the Cheshire Cat on drums. Alcoholic beverages will be served so this party is only open to those 21 or older.

Photo Credit Sarah Rollins ‏@Sarruuhhh92

Photo Credit Sarah Rollins ‏@Sarruuhhh92

Disneyland Diamond Sweepstakes

Disney is giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars in cool, free stuff to its Diamond Celebration visitors. You can fill out your entries for a chance to win great prizes like a clear-crystal Cinderella slipper with a diamond and topaz pendant or a private party in Fantasyland. If you are lucky, you might win an overnight stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite, a magical apartment above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in New Orleans Square.

Photo Credit james brenton ‏@jbrenton13

Photo Credit james brenton ‏@jbrenton13

Old Favorites are Back

After doing some renovations and upgrades, Disney is planning to reopen some old-time favorite attractions. You’ll be able to ride on the Matterhorn bobsleds and once again enjoy a new and improved Peter Pan’s Flight attraction.

Photo Credit αяιαиα✝ ‏@arianalove917

Photo Credit αяιαиα✝ ‏@arianalove917

Celebrate with a Cupcake

The bakers are hard at work preparing some special cupcakes for the Diamond Celebration. Be sure to stop Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe in Disneyland or the Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe in California Adventure for your sweet treat.

Photo Credit Jake ‏@jake_vintson

Photo Credit Jake ‏@jake_vintson

Take Home a Commemorative Souvenir

All types of Diamond Celebration merchandise will be on sale at the various merchants throughout the two parks. You can buy collectible Disney pins, T-shirts, goblets, figurines, and even some real diamonds.

Photo Credit Debra Jaeger @FueledByDebra

Photo Credit Debra Jaeger @FueledByDebra – Professional hair and makeup artist

Bring your Disney spirit and get ready for a memorable experience. Have fun and enjoy the 2015 Disney Diamond Celebration!

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