Can You Do That at Disneyland?

Things you can do at Disneyland in 2015

On July 17, 1955, the day that Disneyland opened, Walt Disney offered his vision of the newly created theme park. He spoke of Disneyland as a happy place where visitors could enjoy fond memories and the promise of the future. He saw Disneyland as a place that would bring joy and inspiration to the whole world. Since those words have been spoken, Disney has gone to great lengths to earn its official tagline as “The Happiest Place on Earth.”

Everything that goes on at Disneyland has been carefully planned. Nothing is left to chance. Disney is always “show ready” because after the park closes, employees prepare it for the next day. The reason you never see trash on the ground for more than a few seconds is because of a dedicated clean-up crew. Trash cans are always nearby and every Disney employee, from top management to the person who sells ticket, is trained to help keep the park spotless.

Disney goes the extra step to provide fantastic customer service and make every guest feel special. Every Disney employee can be approached and they all have been trained to answer the most common questions about the park. In order to be “The Happiest Place on Earth” there are certain things you can and can not do at Disneyland.

Do Not Dress Up as Mickey Mouse

As much of a fan of Mickey or any other Disney character as you may be, Disney does not allow visitors to come in full costume. Sure you can wear a T-shirt with Mickey on it and some mouse ears on your head, but don’t try to enter the park looking just like any of the characters you see walking around the park. Why? Disney wants to protect the integrity of its characters and an “imposter” Mickey Mouse could easily get out of control. If you wear a full costume, you will be denied entry and if you manage to sneak a costume into the park and wear it, you will be asked to leave.

Do Eat the Plants in Tomorrowland

One of Walt Disney’s ideas was to create a food farm where fruits, vegetables and herbs could be grown. Guests are welcome to indulge in the produce harvested in Tomorrowland.

Some Items Do Not Belong in Disneyland

Disney has a long list of prohibited items that are not allowed in the park. Obviously, no guns, knives or weapons of any kind are permitted and that includes pepper spray, handcuffs and even water pistols (which can be mistaken for a deadly weapon). More commonly, there are limitations on the size of coolers, backpacks, strollers and certain mobility devices. Some of the stranger things that people have tried to bring in, but which are not allowed, are unicycles, inline skates, cremated remains, air horns and hockey sticks.

Make Your Own Music

While you can not bring in musical instruments, you can visit Mickey’s Toontown and activate the musical manhole covers. Each manhole cover plays a different musical instrument when you step on it.

You Can Choose How Fast You Want to Spin

Over in Fantasyland, at the Mad Tea Party ride, you can spin fast or not so fast by selecting a certain teacup. The orange teacup with diamonds or the purple teacup spins fast and the two teacups with hearts rotate at a much slower pace.

Don’t Feed the Animals

Disney discourages you from feeding the feral cats or ducks that inhabit the park. The ducks are well fed and the cats can more than fend for themselves.

You Can Ask to Pilot the Mark Twain Riverboat

Meet the Captain and take the wheel of this authentic paddle wheel boat. Not everyone gets the chance to blow the whistle and ring the bell. Kids will get a thrill “steering” the boat and at the end they will receive an official certificate that will prove that they piloted the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Well those are just a few of the things you can and can not do when visiting Disneyland. The most important rule of all is to have fun at Disneyland!



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