The Disneyland Soundsational Parade: A Celebration of Music and Magic

Disneyland Soundsational Parade 2015

Credit to Lisa Gonzales ‏@runlikeacoyote – Visit Lisa’s website here

Walking through Disneyland is like traveling the pages of a storybook. The vivid colors and hum of excitement in the air create a mystical energy that seems to charge the entire park. You can feel joy in every corner, but Mickey’s Soundsational Parade captures that Disney magic in one vibrant, electric and rocking showcase. This procession of beloved characters, musicians and dancers is anything but traditional, and it’s a must for your Disneyland to-do list.

Disney Friends in Musical Motion

The greatest feature of the parade is the collection of characters standing high above the crowd on their multicolored floats. Mickey and Minnie lead the march along with a dynamic drumline. The amusing percussionists get the onlookers pumped almost instantly. As the mouse of the hour rocks on his own drums, the rest of the parade follows him down Main Street in a blast of color, movement and sound.

Blue Monster

Credit to Jenn Greene ‏@traveljenn – Visit Jenn’s website here

You’ll hear music from some of your favorite Disney classics, and each song is lively, whimsical and just plain fun. The characters are often rotated from week to week, but you can expect to see plenty of Mickey’s best pals, including Pluto Goofy, Donald and Daisy. Many of the floats represent movies, so don’t be surprised to see the Lion King standing proudly on his mountaintop or Aladdin, Peter Pan and some princesses dancing to the beat.

Fairy Tale Floats

Each float in the Soundsational Parade is incredibly detailed and complex. Some have moving parts while others have multiple levels. One by one, the floats tell their own fantastic tales, so it’s as if you’re looking at a pop-up storybook. You’ll hear many different styles of music as the parade moves by, and each float has its own distinctive sound. It’s a spectacle you have to see and hear to believe.

Fairy Tale Floats

Credit to Jerry Vargas ‏@jvptravels – Visit Jerry’s website here

There are so many points of interest in this visual feast, but it’s easy to catch a glimpse of every structure because they move slowly enough. The floats have musical instruments cleverly incorporated into them, which makes the scene come to life even more. While the passengers play their songs, they also wave and point to bystanders, so you’ll feel like part of that fantasy world from the beginning.

A Musical Celebration

What sets this parade apart from others of its kind is that the rhythms are perfectly synchronized with the street performers accompanying the floats. Dancers, acrobats, stilt walkers, musicians and plenty of Disney characters move skillfully to the exceptionally quick tempos. The whirlwind of bold and beautiful costumes, energetic performers and nonstop swirls of color will leave you awestruck.


Credit to BRY ‏@iBry83

Many of the entertainers interact with the audience, so there is always an opportunity to be one with the show. People of all ages get involved, and it’s not unusual to see grandparents bopping, waving and throwing their hands up in the air in celebration. The dazzling extravaganza ties together all the elements of the Disney universe that fans love, and the result feels like one big wondrous party.


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Butterfly women

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Jose and Panchito

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Pink Dancer

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Piñata pants

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clown fish from Pixar

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Purple float Mickey

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Princess Dancing

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Pink lady

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Paint the Night Parade Premieres for Disneyland 60th Anniversary – Credit to Danielle Ernest ‏@DeeMagicGurl – Visit Danielle website here

The magical, musical march begins at the Town Square and ends at It’s a Small World, but it also often travels in a reversed route. The best viewing positions are at each starting point and near Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that you don’t want to miss. As you sing, clap and shimmy, you’ll be astounded at how much fun you can squeeze into 45 minutes. Simply put, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade is an explosion of happiness.

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