Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach: A Mesmerizing Ocean Exhibit

Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach A Mesmerizing Ocean Exhibit

Credit to Mayrita ‏@MA9ERS_831

Discover the infinite beauty of the ocean at the Aquarium of the Pacific. Located near the gorgeous coast of Long Beach, this collection of exhibits features sea life from the southern tropical Pacific as well as the more frigid northern waters. There are more than 11,000 creatures on display in approximately 20 habitats, and you can easily cover the two levels in an afternoon.

Take a Journey to the Depths of the Ocean

Imagine floating through a maze of vibrant coral reefs, multicolored fish and wondrous sea creatures. This is what it feels like to weave in and out of the tunnels and pathways at the aquarium. As you stroll through the indoor and outdoor exhibits, you’ll observe a large variety of animals and organisms in remarkably natural environments. There are various vantage points at each display, so it really feels as if you’re coexisting with penguins, otters, anemones and sea dragons.

selfie with a bird

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If you want an immersive, hands-on or close-up encounter, Shark Lagoon, Lorikeet Forest and Wonders of the Deep are ideal galleries to visit. Feel the squish of a jellyfish, stroke the spiny skin of a starfish or coax a brightly colored lorikeet to land on your arm. You can even touch an exotic shark and see more than 150 fearsome fish putting on an impressive show in the expansive open-air exhibit.

Enhance Your Experience with Special Events and Presentations

There is always something exciting and educational happening at the aquarium, from special 4D shows and animal feedings to celebratory festivals. Bring your little ones to the Molina Animal Care Center and watch the caretakers in action, or learn about environmental issues at the Ocean Science Center. You can also make endless discoveries through the Ocean Exploration program which includes films, exhibits and lectures about the vastness of the ocean.

School groups

Credit to School groups Pat Woods ‏@PatWoods1

Special events take place throughout the year at the aquarium as well. Bring preschoolers to the Saturday family fun classes, or bond with your teenager at marine teen nights. There are also special character breakfasts, nighttime sea creature shows and summertime barbecues. These events combine live music, photo opportunities, delicious food, crafts, artwork and education, so you’ll ultimately get more for your money.

Enjoy Behind the Scenes Tours

For an additional cost, you can dive even deeper into the ocean world. Daily tours are offered for adults and children, and each provides a different perspective about aquarium happenings. Don’t miss the Animal Encounter programs, which allow you to feed and train sea lions, penguins, seals and sea otters. You can also just watch these playful creatures from above as they dip in and out of the water.


Credit to Krisuan Rosalejos ‏@Krisuan

If you crave even more excitement, go on a Boat Adventure and view the stunning harbor and shoreline. You may see sea lions, dolphins and whales in their natural surroundings as you cruise along the coast or in the open water of the extraordinary Pacific. The narrated tours provide fascinating information about sea life, and being in the middle of the ocean makes every story even more interesting.

Jelly Fish

Credit to Brad Yau ‏@bradyau –

Chidren aquarium

Credit to Derrick Likes ‏@derricklikes

Credit to Kellie Fell ‏@KFellieFell

Credit to Kellie Fell ‏@KFellieFell –


Credit to Lady Di ‏@DiBiCi78


Credit to Ryan Donohue ‏@RPDONOHUE

Credit to Lyndsey Wong ‏@whiteorwong

Credit to Lyndsey Wong ‏@whiteorwong

Manta ray

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Yellow Jelly fish

Credit to Nissi Mendes ‏@Nissi_Mendes –

Birds Ocean

Credit to super mcnasty ‏@kally_fornia_

Aquarium of the Pacific is open daily, and it’s only a 30-minute car ride from our hotel. The staff members are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly, the prices are affordable and there is always something new to see and learn. Whether you want to have a special date night, family fun day or group adventure with friends, this aquarium will provide plenty of entertainment. You’ll feel like a child again as you explore the mysterious, wild, quirky and downright fun ocean realm.



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