Go Wild at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney

Go Wild at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney

Credit to Conn McWhorter ‏@connmcwhorter and Ashley McWhorter ‏@AshMcWhorter6

Not all restaurants are created equally. This is especially true for the Rainforest Café in the Downtown Disney District of Anaheim. The mystical rainforest-themed restaurant is the perfect complement to the magical vibe of the Disney Resort. You’ll get much more than the ordinary dining experience there, and all your senses will come to life from the moment you enter the exotic Amazon temple.

Escape into a Tropical Paradise

Prepare for sensory overload as you walk into the most convincing tropical forest you could ever imagine. The vibrant colors of jungle scenery create a landscape that can only be called a visual feast. Beautiful cascades of water, unexpected rainstorms, lush foliage, bizarrely twisted banyan trees and even a starry sky make the perfect backdrop for enjoying a delicious meal.

Tropical Paradise

Credit to Jesse Shiosaki ‏@fireworklights

While you dine, you’ll be surrounded by creatures that seem to come straight from a dream world. Vividly colored fish float in tanks right next to the tables, imposing animated gorillas and elephants entertain with their wild antics, and colorful birds sing the story of the rainforest. With so many sights and sounds to take in, there is always something new to discover every time you visit.

Send Your Taste Buds on a Jungle Adventure

The Café’s true treasure is the food. Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just pop in for drinks and dessert. The menu is pretty remarkable with a little something for everyone. You and your fellow adventurers can dine on spicy lava nachos then cool down with a calypso salad, or you can go straight for the entrees and order a mouthwatering rainforest burger, delectable tropical tortellini or refreshing shrimp skewers.

drinks and dessert

Credit to JC Jimenez ‏@JuanitosWorld

Magic Mushroom Bar

Credit to Kat Maria Broadbent ‏@KitKat_mb

moist Chocolate Diablo Cake

Credit to SJ 😉 ‏@SjDunsome

Ice-cream pistachio

Credit to Kathleen ॐ ‏@EklektikEnergy

Complete your edible journey by sharing a decadent Sparkling Volcano or enjoying a piece of rich, moist Chocolate Diablo Cake all on your own. Adults can top off the experience at the Magic Mushroom Bar, which has its own special level of whimsy. You’ll have plenty of quirky and scrumptious specialty drinks to choose from, including a Pink Parrot Lemonade and Mongoose Mai Tai.

Bring the Kids and Become Parent of the Year

The friendly staff pays special attention to children at this restaurant, so it’s a great place to give your little ones a treat. Kids of all ages love the animatronics and enjoy exploring the different elements of the rainforest. They can choose from fun menu options such as Shrimpkens, Jurassic Chicken Tidbits and Python Pasta. For dessert, what child wouldn’t go ape over chocolaty, creamy Lava Mud?

Chocolate Diablo Cake

Credit to Teezy ‏@teezy143


Credit to Breanna Baker @ ‏13Breanna13aker Rosalie Baker (mom), Nicole Landry (aunt)


Credit to Steven Adkins ‏@SkyfireFX


“A great place for kids” Credit to Christopher Harris ‏@clharr2

Monkey in the jungle

Credit to Emily Hoffman ‏@bwithoutamask

"A huge aquarium inside the restaurant" Credit to Adrian Valenzuela ‏@theduckman009

“A huge aquarium inside the restaurant” Credit to Adrian Valenzuela ‏@theduckman009

inside the store

The store is always full of surprises! Credit to Chris Lee ‏@chrisalee0218

"Flamboyant décor" Credit to Tanaka Axberg ‏@Taxberg214

“Flamboyant décor” Credit to Tanaka Axberg ‏@Taxberg214

From the delightfully creative dishes to the wild atmosphere, the Rainforest Café is an exciting place to visit with family and friends. It’s within walking distance from Anaheim Express Inn Maingate, so we encourage all our guests to try it out. If you’re in the mood for a laughter-filled, family-friendly feast deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, stop by and discover how amusing dining out can be.



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