Be a Good Guest and a Great Parent at Disneyland

Parent at DisneylandNavigating the immense realm of Disneyland with young children by your side takes a lot of patience. You may have to accept the fact that your trip to the magical kingdom isn’t all about you. Little minds and bodies have unique needs, and an unhappy child in the happiest place on earth can cast a black cloud over the entire experience.

Begin With a Plan

If you want an unforgettable adventure for all the right reasons, map out your day ahead of time. Prioritize rides together, and check the schedules for the parades, meet-and-greets and other events. This way you won’t be frantically whirling around like the Mad Hatter’s teacups when you enter the park. To avoid the longest lines and prevent achy-legged temper tantrums, head to the more popular attractions early in the morning.

Turn No Into Yes

No matter how kid-friendly the Disney universe is, there will be rides with height or fright factors. Don’t just suffer the inevitable freak-out from a toddler who cannot ride Space Mountain like his or her older sibling. Check online ahead of time for other age-appropriate options. You can allow the bigger child to go on one ride with an adult in your party and then take the smaller tot for a special one-on-one experience elsewhere.

See Disney Through Your Child’s Eyes 

Kids tend to notice the fascinating details of Disneyland, so slow down long enough to discover the magic with them. As you explore, tiny feet will tire out quickly; expect to rest frequently. If your own enthusiasm for discovery won’t be harnessed, take a break at the Enchanted Tiki Room or enjoy one of the many shows throughout the resort. This also may be a good time to refuel with some healthy snacks.

Respect Walt’s Creation

Walt Disney imagined his dream world with children and adults in mind. While you’re visiting the park, remember that other guests are there to enjoy themselves as well. If your young one has an outburst, consider moving to a more secluded area until he or she is calm. Sitting quietly in the shade may help your hot, tired and cranky child re-energize.

Discuss the Mouse’s Rules

There is no shame in using Mickey as your scapegoat when it comes to conduct and consequences. Prior to your trip, let your children know what their idol thinks about mischief such as climbing on displays, pushing through lines or screaming for treats. Discuss possible consequences as well. Keep in mind, when the punishment involves sitting out of a ride, younger children should not be left unattended.

No matter how you choose to parent in Disneyland, the ultimate goal for your family should be to enjoy yourselves while respecting everyone else’s right to do the same. Meet your child’s needs as much as possible, but show consideration for all the other Disney fans and the special residents who will be making your family’s dreams come true.

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