Feast Your Eyes on Fantasmic at Disneyland California

Fantasmic at Disneyland California

It’s no secret that Disneyland has a special kind of mystique, but some aspects of this fantasy world hold extra magic. Fantasmic is one of those extra special Disney treasures. This live-action musical is approximately 20 minutes, but it’s packed with sights and sounds that will leave you spellbound for awhile. No matter how old you are, you’ll be thoroughly delighted and captivated by this spectacular production.

An Enchanted Tale

Fantasmic takes place after dark on the Rivers of America in Frontierland, which is the perfect backdrop for such a wondrous presentation. As shadows cover the park, a dazzling spectacle lights up the darkness. The show immediately pulls you into Mickey’s dream world where evil reigns and the wickedest villain comes in the form of a 45-foot dragon that spits fire.

Plenty of familiar Disney do-gooders appear as well in this whimsical extravaganza. The battle between enemies is so intricate and masterfully executed, you’ll find yourself shamelessly cheering for your favorites. Each character comes to life in extraordinary and unique ways. The beauty of this production is that it tells a story of bravery and triumph in a very subtle, kid-approved style.

A Visual Masterpiece

Watching Fantasmic is like entering an imaginary world where everything is meant to bewilder you. The brilliantly colored lasers, blazing pyrotechnics and other mystifying special effects will leave you awestruck. You’ll be amazed as vibrant images dance on veils of mist, fireworks color the air and sparkling beams of light burst across the black sky. Mind-blowing musical scores beautifully complement the entire display.

This multifaceted musical is powerfully intriguing. It’s silly, sweet, mesmerizing and suspenseful. Much like Disneyland, Fantasmic has an extremely dream-like vibe. You won’t believe your eyes or ears during most of the performance. There are also so many details to soak up, you’ll wish for a rewind button quite a few times. This is the perfect show to see again and again.

The beloved characters, familiar tunes and phenomenal visual effects of Fantasmic are simply stupefying. It’s a highly entertaining, one-of-a-kind production that your entire family will enjoy. There are two nightly shows during the park’s busy season, but the second one is usually less crowded. No matter which show you decide to attend, you won’t be disappointed by this dynamic Disney display.

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