Magic and Wine With David Minkin: Date Night Just Got Better

Photo credit kudago

Photo credit kudago

Do you believe in magic? If not, David Minkin may change your views. This internationally famous magician puts on a one-man show that is simply mind-boggling. It’s called Magic and Wine, and it’s nothing short of phenomenal. As a worldwide champion of close-up magic, Minkin will mesmerize and mystify you and leave you wondering if it was all just a dream.

Charming Ambiance

Magic and Wine is held at the M3 Live Anaheim Event Center in a beautifully decorated theater and relaxing lounge area. Candles thoughtfully placed throughout the venue provide an atmosphere of mystery, and the gold, crimson and earthy tones of the décor offer an Old World, romantic vibe. The enchantment begins in the gorgeous dining room where gracious staff members provide first-class service.

Treats to Tempt the Taste Buds 

Before the show commences, you’ll be served a flight of four wines specially selected by David Minkin. As you sample the decadence, you’ll also be offered a wide range of sophisticated and delectable hors d’oeuvres. The wine-tasting portion of the evening lasts approximately one hour, which is just enough time for the anticipation to escalate.

Breathtaking Illusions

Once you leave the lounge and enter the intimate theater, prepare to be enthralled. Your perception of prestidigitation will change as you watch Minkin perform just a few feet from you. During his 90-minute show, he borrows items from audience members and brings people on stage, which lends an authenticity to the visual trickery. His peculiar yet elegant gestures are absolutely captivating, and he’s both funny and mysterious, so you’ll be engaged from start to finish.

A Celebrated Icon

David Minkin’s show has received glowing reviews for years. Celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Pink have raved about his abilities and have even claimed his magic surpasses all others. Online reviews are just as positive. He’s been called a wizard, a class act and a master of the art, and people are generally dumbfound by what he can do.

Magic and Wine is the ultimate date night experience for just about anyone. The event center is only minutes from Anaheim Express Inn Maingate, so you can easily plan a unique evening out even if you’re just visiting the area. Once you witness the staggering, strange and mystical artistry of David Minkin, you’ll begin to believe in the impossible.

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