The Best Miniature Golf Venue Near Disneyland

Miniature Golf Disneyland

If you’re hoping to find some inexpensive, entertaining and easy-to-plan activities in the Anaheim area, just look for the cute castle rising up from Camelot Golfland. This amusement venue features a variety of indoor and outdoor attractions, and it’s open all year. Call your friends, gather the kids or bring a date for a day of adventure, good food, unexpected thrills and nonstop laughter.

Old-School Entertainment

Camelot Golfland is the perfect representation of a timeless pastime. The entire property has a very charming and familiar vibe. You can choose from four 18-hole themed courses. Each course has unique challenges, and the skill levels vary. As you drive your ball past alligators and through tropical jungles, you’ll see plenty of fun surprises, including water-shooting cannons and crazy hanging obstacles.

arcade roomAfter you play some rounds, stroll over to the arcade room where you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of classic machines emitting the sounds of childhood. This is definitely the place for nostalgia, but it’s also an ideal getaway for kids of all ages. There are enough options to keep even the most fidgety fingers occupied. You and your family can easily spend the whole day testing your skills.

Exciting Competitions

Camelot Golfland is also an action-packed competition zone. When you’re ready to speed up the pace, head to the second floor for a game of laser joust. The 5,000-square-foot arena has lots of great hiding spaces. Another option for boosting the adrenaline is the Fastcar Raceway. With your Fastcar ticket, you’ll be able to enjoy six minutes of pure exhilaration on the twists, turns and long stretches of track.

During the summer months, you can challenge your friends or family to a bumper boat battle on the beautiful manmade lagoon. Each colorful boat has its own water jet, so you can squirt, splash and collide your way to victory. If you’d rather cool off in a more passive way, check out the 5-story waterslide. The snakelike tubes twist through the air and settle into a refreshing pool of sparkling teal water.

Impressive Concessions

The Camelot Golfland Pizza Shop is a nice resting place if you have tired little ones who aren’t quite ready to go home. It’s also a good spot to plan activities. While you’re there, grab a juicy hot dog or scrumptious slice of pizza for lunch, and top it off with a tasty treat from the huge snack bar. Be sure to order an ultra-thick and creamy customized iceberg shake for dessert.

Prices and hours for each Golfland attraction vary, but you can find details and deals on the website. The venue is easy to find and is approximately 15 minutes from Anaheim Express Inn Maingate. Visitors to the Anaheim area can arrange last-minute family fun days, birthday parties, corporate events or other group activities without spending a fortune. No matter which feature you decide to take advantage of, your day at Camelot Golfland will be unforgettable.

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