Is Disneyland Really Perfect for All Ages?

Disneyland All AgesIt’s no secret that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, but is it equally joyful for all ages? The answer depends on the purpose behind the visit. Although children and adults can turn dreams into reality at this slice of heaven, the magic is lost if the heart isn’t in it. Before you attempt to bring any fantasies to life, be aware of your expectations.

Is It All About You?

If you live for all things Disney and don’t mind youngsters tagging along as you high-five the Mouse or rocket through space, go for it. Your glee will probably be contagious. Just keep in mind that little ones need rest, food and occasional meltdowns even in a picture-book world. Don’t expect your companions to share your enthusiasm every step of the way.

Are You Looking for Enchantment or Thrills?

Every age group experiences Disneyland California in a unique way. Toddlers and younger children are mesmerized by the colors and larger-than-life characters. Kids 10 and older don’t typically focus on the mystique or visual artistry of Disney, but they’re wild about the exciting rides. Once you know what your children are anticipating, you can decide if the trip is worth the effort.

Will You Experience Enough Attractions?

Not all Disneyland adventures are suitable for every age. If a 4-year-old courageous soul only cares about climbing aboard Space Mountain or the Matterhorn Bobsleds, it might be necessary to postpone the trip until the child meets the height requirements. However, if your little one cannot wait to soar with Peter Pan and Dumbo or explore with Alice, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Will You Plan Regular Visits?

Disneyland is a never-ending story waiting to be told. You can explore the park year after year and experience something new each time. If you make regular visits, age isn’t a big issue. Every trip will paint a distinct picture. Families that can only plan one or two visits in a lifetime may want to wait until children are old enough to remember and fully enjoy the journey.

Do You Want to Do It All?

Accepting that very young children come with restrictions is the first step toward planning a successful quest. Expect only momentary flashes of delight from toddlers. Kids between 4 and 9 will take in more and thrive on the fantasy aspect. If you want to investigate every corner of the park, wait until your kids reach double digits. They’ll have the patience, energy and eagerness to walk, wait and walk some more.

When bringing any child to Disneyland, it’s important to make adjustments for individual temperaments. If you bring kids under 5, consider booking a room at Anaheim Express Inn Maingate. It’s within walking distance of the park, so you can easily take frequent breaks. As long as you consider the needs of each child and you don’t have delusions of perfection, you can make wishes come true.

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