Meet Spider-Man at Disneyland and Weave Some Lifelong Memories

Photo credit to Anthony Ambriz ‏@anthonyambriz UTuber Nation @UTubersConnect

Photo Credit: Anthony Ambriz ‏@anthonyambriz UTuber Nation @UTubersConnect

The wizards of Disneyland have done it again; they enhanced the park’s vast appeal by introducing a new Super Hero HQ resident. In November, Spider-Man debuted at the Tomorrowland Expo Center, which houses the fully immersive Marvel attraction. The recently renovated exhibit is a showcase for various well-known superheroes, but Spidey seems to be the star of the show.

The Addition of a Classic

Spider-Man is now part of the Super Hero HQ meet-and-greet zone, which means fans can enjoy face-to-mask time with this legendary web slinger. The comic book sensation has infinite appeal for all generations, so he’s a great fit for the Disney universe. His keen spidey sense, mysterious vibe and unfailing devotion to mankind make him the perfect hero for kids and adults.

Photo Credit ali ‏@alipateros

Photo Credit: ali ‏@alipateros

Meeting Spidey will be an unforgettable experience. You and your young Peter Parker enthusiasts can ask him about life on the east coast, thank him for his service or chat about his villain-bashing powers. You can even take a photo of him doing one of his famous poses. Don’t forget to ask for his autograph so that you’ll have a keepsake to commemorate such an exciting moment.

A Super Discovery Center

Spider-Man isn’t the only superhuman idol roaming around the Super Hero HQ. You can meet Thor as well, and you’ll also see plenty of fascinating props from numerous Marvel movies. The Hall of Armor is one element you cannot miss. It features a collection of suits from the Iron Man film. You can even wear virtual Iron Man gear and pretend to suit up like the super genius.

Photo Credit Tony Fury ‏@RealTonyFury

Photo Credit: Pro Wrestler Tony Fury ‏@RealTonyFury

The hero-themed attraction also includes a game center with some of the most popular Marvel and Disney video games. Little aspiring heroes can test their gaming abilities and play Disney Infinity as their favorite characters. When you’re ready to leave the beeps and bright lights, head to the gift shop where you can grab a memento of your visit.

Photo Credit: Film Podcaster Blogger and Creator of @reelfilmchatter podcast - Patrick Campbell ‏@pj_campbell

Photo Credit: Film Podcaster Blogger and Creator of @reelfilmchatter podcast – Patrick Campbell ‏@pj_campbell

Photo Credit: Jose Marquez ‏@HP3579

Photo Credit: Jose Marquez ‏@HP3579

Photo credit Parks And Cons ‏@ParksAndCons www.parksandcons.con

Photo credit: Parks And Cons ‏@ParksAndCons – www.parksandcons.con

Superheroes never seem to go out of style, and Spider-Man is no exception. Every time he swings by Disneyland, people of all ages line up to admire him. Seeing the web spinner in all his heroic glory will bring out the kid in you. You may enter the attraction wanting to just give your children a fantasy experience, but you’ll leave knowing you made your own dreams come true.

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