Wordgirl Becky

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Wordgirl Becky

Wordgirl Becky ki. WordGirl is the main protagonist and heroine of the series of the same name.Her secret identity is mild-mannered fifth-grader Becky Botsford, but whenever evil arises, she instantly becomes WordGirl by placing her hand to her chest and exclaiming, "Word up!".

Wikipedia. WordGirl was adopted and provided an alter ego by Tim and Sally Botsford, who gave her the name "Becky". While in her alter ego, she has a younger brother, TJ, obsessed with WordGirl, but still unknowingly a typical sibling rival to Becky. The Botsford family keeps Captain Huggy Face as a pet, naming him "Bob".

Wordgirl Becky

WordGirl/Gallery. wordgirl Tells Violet that she is still becky botsford Underneath Her Costume. Dante:Wordgirl Devil's Never Cry. Huggy NO! Ornamental Wordgirl. Wordgirl sheading a Tear. Wordgirl Dancing. HIIYA! HI YAAA! Wordgirl in Jail. Creepy Wordgirl. Wordgirl. Add a photo to this gallery. WordGirl with others.

Anime Feet: WordGirl: Becky Botsford. WordGirl: Becky Botsford Becky Botsford a.k.a. WordGirl was born on the planet Lexicon, and as an infant accidentally wandered onto a spaceship, which was piloted by Captain Huggyface. While he was driving the spaceship, WordGirl woke and startled him, making them hit an asteroid and forcing him to crash land on Earth in order to save the both of them.

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Becky's Birthday. Becky's Birthday is episode 4b of Season 1 of WordGirl. Contents[show] Summary While Becky's parents are planning a surprise birthday party for her, WordGirl and Captain Huggyface must battle an expanding Energy Monster with an appetite for electricity. Plot No Plot Section Characters Quotes No

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